SUN MUSIC AV is one of the few foreign language services in Antofagasta, Chile that provide complete interpreting services. Along with a full range of specialized equipment, we provide both consecutive and simultaneous interpreters for conferences, business meetings, training seminars, tours, and depositions.

On-site Interpreting

Most effective for group discussions and smaller one-on-one meetings, consecutive interpreters provide their interpreting during natural pauses in the conversation.

On-site interpreting usually requires some equipment setup, especially for large presentations and conferences. Small meetings and depositions often need limited equipment, if any.

The style can be either consecutive or simultaneous. As the name indicates, consecutive interpreters wait for the speaker to pause in order to interpret for the target audience. The communication is thus quite slow and may feel unnatural. Conversely, simultaneous interpreters keep pace with the speaker, interpreting on the fly. As a result, they need to be separated from the conversation, thus the need for equipment such as isolation booths and headphones. Due to the extreme pressure, simultaneous interpreters almost always work in team, one person working while the other rest, thus adding to the cost.

SUN MUSIC AV provides interpreting services for specialized industries and needs:

Healthcare interpreting

Legal interpreting

Community/health and human services interpreting

Technical interpreting

Equipment Rental

SUN MUSIC AV offers equipment rental, including transmitters, receivers, and booths. Setup and teardown are included as part of our rental services. Depending on your needs, interpreters and equipment rental are offered as separate or combined services.

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